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Priceless Stones
42 Days of Hebrew Promises for Kingdom Living
by James Revoir

I usually stay away from daily devotional material, but I was intrigued by format employed by the author.Thanks to the publisher
(Crosslink Publishing) for offering me the opportunity to review this book for free, other wise, it might have missed a gem.
Most devotionals bounce from Old to New Testament, often using familiar verses. James Revoir instead "goes OT" all the way. All the daily devotional scriptures are from the Old Testament. What is intriguing about this book is how James pulls apart the meaning of specific Hebrew words found in all of these Old Testament scriptures, then applies the meaning of the words in a New Testament way. At times the wording is a little tedious and difficult to understand (which makes applying the meaning in an understandable way difficult), but it is well worth reading.
The style is a little outdated for my taste, but the content is great. Unfortunately I didn't have the 42 days it requires to complete this devotion, so I read it in a couple of day, which takes away from the Author's intent to leave the reader with a daily thought. I plan on rereading this devotional in the way it was designed, to fully explore the meaning of the Hebrew words he highlights, as well as the application for daily uses. James' passion for the Hebrew language is evident in every daily reading.
If you are looking for a simple daily devotional, this isn't it. But if you are looking for a deeper,more studious and scholarly devotional, this book is for you.

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