Thursday, January 16, 2014


Over the last few months I've taken a break from blogging, writing and even stepped back in some areas of ministry around the church. A huge no no in the world of social media! Marketing specialist will tell you blog and blog often, paste yourself all over the place! I've never been a fan of self promotion, which is probably why I'll never make the big times! That's OK I really don't want that any way. I want Jesus to make the big time!
My new book, The Peter Perspective, is due out in a couple of weeks, which makes two books I've penned. But even with the new book coming out, I shy away from even mentioning that I've had two books published. I just can't get past the feeling that I am promoting me instaed of Jesus. Make no mistake, I want people to read the books and hopefully strengthen their walk with Jesus and I know that sooner or latter I will have to take the steps needed to promote those books, but I will do it prayerfully. Ego is often a quiet, unseen enemy of the Christian walk. But ultimately, some one will think that it's all about the books and less about Jesus, I can't help that. This is much like the new series I am undertaking at our Church, The Bible. It's all a matter of focus.
Every week I take a book of the Bible and go through it as much as time allows. It's not an in depth study but more of a look at important passages, themes and people which emerge from the pages of sacred text. This week I am in Leviticus, uh-oh! That's tough book considering Christians use certain passages from it to condemn actions of others and usually they end up condemning people. Too late! People are already condemned without Jesus and no amount of following rules will change that!
Much like my book, where I want people to focus on Jesus, the writer of Leviticus gave these rules to show people they should focus on the perfection of God. A few days under these rules set up by God for the people, should have shown the inability to keep all these rules. They needed a permanent solution. Jesus. Abraham back in Genesis was the first person to recognize the gospel promise, God was confirming this promise to the people he had chosen. The Holy nation He was building would be a testimony to His love and Grace.
Holy people live in a state of holiness because of God's gift of righteousness through His Son, not our efforts. But even with that knowledge Christians continue to quote the OT laws or throw them in the face of "sinners" rather than remember Jesus' words, "Love God and love people". Make no mistake running afoul of God's plans creates some strife among people. There are rules we must follow. The law was nailed to the cross and fulfilled by Jesus as payment between us and God. But a debt remains when people sin against one another. Yes God forgives, that is a done deal, but people aren't God. There will always be the need for reconciliation and repentance among people. And yes while forgiveness is promised by God, repentance allows us to live like forgiven people.
So when you read the OT and all it's laws, make sure your focus remains on the promise of Jesus, which God was proclaiming, instead of letting our ego proclaim our rightness because we keep these unkeepable laws.

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